The Best Substitute for Cake Flour and Self-Rising Flour in Baking

A lot of us keep a gargantuan container of all-purpose flour in our pantry—a near-lifetime supply, if you're anything like our Test Kitchen. All-purpose flour is the faithful old floury friend that we lean on for pancakes, muffins, and everything in between. More devoted bakers might even have a few wildcards in their baking arsenals, like whole wheat pastry flour or almond flour or spelt flour. But only in the most organized and well-stocked of home pantries have we found a bag of the self-rising variety, or ultra-soft cake flour, resplendent in its old-school packaging.

If you don't bake a whole lot, or didn't plan quite so far ahead (*raises hand*), you might get tripped up on a recipe that calls for one of these somewhat uncommon, vaguely esoteric flours. Should you take another trip to the grocery store to pick them up? No, we say happily. As it turns out, both cake flour and self-rising flour can be easily faked at home, using ingredients that you most probably already have on hand.


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