Pantry Design For Busy Families

Pantry Design and Storage with Kids and Pets in Mind

Spilled cereal across the floor. Dog food bags ripped open with half the food devoured. These are just a few of the problems you can experience when you have a home that is shared with kids and pets. Having a place to hold food that the kids can safely reach, while keeping food away from your pets, can be a trying process. Even when you have an easily accessible pantry, you could still end up with messy floors, ingredients in disarray, and kids precariously climbing up shelves. Avoid chaos by considering these design elements.
Bins and Closed Cabinets for Pet Food Storage
Pet food, especially heavy bags of dry food, is stored at the bottom of your pantry. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear on shelves, and keeps pet food separate from regular food items. To prevent your pets from scavenging and tearing open food boxes and bags, place food in plastic bins and then place the bins behind closed cabinets. This strategy can prevent your pet from pushing up against the bin to knock it over.
Sliding Shelves and Baskets for Kids
One of the biggest pantry problems is that items can get pushed back farther on a shelf. Your child may struggle to pull down a box or reach their favorite snack. To make things easier, place items on sliding shelves and racks set at their eye-level. If you have a tall dog and are afraid that they might get into the items, have a footstool so your child can reach the designated shelves. Arrange items by meal times, such as breakfast foods and snacks. Then your child can always find what they need.
Sturdy Shelves and Cabinets for Heavy Items and Canned Food
Higher shelves will often hold heavier items that we don’t want kids or pets to reach. From flour to canned food, condiments to a stand mixer, your pantry shelves need to be durable and sturdy. Cabinet doors are also a great way to keep clutter out of view and prevent dust and dirt from settling on your items. A custom pantry manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts can give you fantastic ideas on how to design a pantry for your kitchen.

A pantry should be designed to fit into your lifestyle. For more kitchen storage tips, contact a local Boston designer today! Proudly serving the greater metro area including Medfield, Hopkinton, and Charlestown.
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