Kids love racing cars and it’s not that difficult to understand why

They’re fast, flashy, colorful, noisy and pretty cool plus we now have a bunch of animations that basically revived the trend in a big way. With that in mind, you have to admit that having a racing car bed is pretty awesome, especially as a kid. You don’t have to be a Nascar fan to see it.
Most racing car beds manage to combine a fun design with a safe structure
Racing car beds are usually small and designed just for children. They feature bold and vibrant colors that make them stand out and make the children like them even more. Red and blue are very common colors for such pieces. They also usually have numbers on them and those checkerboard patterns on the sides. Building a racing car bed is actually a very interesting concept. It’s a two-in-one piece.
A teenage kids room featuring a real racing carIt’s not a bad idea to also decorate the rest of the room in the same themeHere the spoiler can be used as a shelf so it’s both functional and decorativeRace car beds don’t usually take more space than a normal bedOther fun designs are also available such as the Thomas bedA fire fighter truck bed will make your kid feel like a heroThe same concept with a different design, just as friendlyIf you have the space, I’m sure your kid would love a bed that looks like a truckA very creative bunk bed design shaped like a busA very practical and fun design for shared bedroomsGirls could like race cars as well but the colors are obviously differentThe pink color and the cute flowers give this bed a girly lookIt’s not necessarily the design that’s important here as the color makes the carA bed suitable for a princess with a very chic and pretty designOur Top 10 Best Racing Car Beds
Of course, the easiest option is to buy a racing car beds and believe me when I say there are a lot of options out there. You can find our top 10 selection down below. You’ll see that they’re more than just furniture pieces.

The Cilek GTS twin size kids race car bed comes in red, black and white and has a bunch of cool features. It has LED headlights and underbody lights, engine sound effects, 5-spoke rims also with LED lights plus animations. It also has racing decals, spoilers with a carbon fiber look, an upholstered sport seat headboard and railings that look like side windows. 
LED headlights Twin Size Kids Race Car Bed Frame
Twin size – accommodates a 75x38 inch Twin size mattress
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Here’s the same bed, this time in black. It has all the same cool features such as all the LED lights and the sporty design details but in a sleek black envelope. There are flame decals on the sides and a red headboard that goes really well with the whole frame.
BPA-free Cilek GTS Twin Size Kids Race Car Bed Frame
The bed accommodates a 75 x 38'' twin size mattress and its overall dimensions are 51" X 87" X 32" H. 
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The Step2 Corvette bedroom combo includes a race car bed, a small dresser and a room organizer. The bed is red with black and white checkerboard headboard inspired by the race car flag. The dresser and the organizer have similar Corvette-themed designs with red and black features and they’re built specifically for kids. 
Corvette themed kids dress Step2 Corvette Bedroom Combo for Kids
Toddler kids will race off to dreamland in their new Corvette Racecar Bed.
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This is the Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed.  It’s made from durable molded plastic and accommodates a standard twin size mattress. The mattress and box spring are not included. The mattress sits low and the bed frame forms a protective rim around it, offering a very cozy experience. 
cool design Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed
Designed to resemble a classic race car with realistic details
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The Delta Children Cars has a design inspired by the Cars animation. It looks just like Lightning Mcqueen, with a few modifications of course which are designed to make the bed not just cool-looking but also comfortable to use. It can be easily converted from toddler to twin-size bed just by replacing the mattress. A really cool feature is also the built-in toy storage box. 
Made in USA Toddler-To-Twin Bed with Lights and Toy Box
Recommended for kids of all ages, toddler version holds up to 50 pounds. Made from durable, molded plastic
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The Step2 Turbocharged Twin Truck Kids Bed also includes a bunch of fun details. It has a built-in storage drawers for things like toys or an extra blanket and actual working headlights that give it a more realistic look while also conveniently doubling as nightlights. The red truck-themed bed frame also has decals on it. 
Truck-themed bedframe Step2 Turbocharged Twin Truck Kids Bed
Vibrant red, realistic kids’ truck bed features decals and molded-in enhancements for a lifelike truck theme!
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This is the Delta Children Turbo race car twin bed, the same one we mentioned above but with a black and yellow theme this time. It has a low frame which places the mattress very close to the floor for added safety and convenience and it’s made from molded plastic. 
black design Black Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed
When assembled, the overall dimensions of the bed are 47.5'' W x 22.5'' H x 94'' D. 
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The Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed features a PAW Patrol-themed design and is recommended for kids of ages 15 months and up. It’s made from durable and sturdy wood and it has two high side rails for safety which make it the perfect transition bed for toddlers.
Easy assembly Nick Jr. PAW Patrol Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed
When assembled, the dimensions of the bed are 54.53'' L x 29.92'' W x 18.90'' H.
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Here’s another race car bed inspired by Disney’s Cars movies. It’s basically what Lightning McQueen would look like if it were a bed and the design is focused more on simplicity and functionality rather than flashy, eye-catching details. It has a strong and sturdy wooden frame and decals on all sides. The dimensions are 28.75” W x 19” H x 53.25” L when the bed is fully assembled. 
JPMA safety requirements Pixar Cars Wood Toddler Bed
Authentic Cars decal, built with a strong and sturdy wooden frame
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This right here is a fairly simple bed. It. This is the race car-themed version, with numerous others also being available. The design stays pretty much the same every time and the color themes, decals and a few small details differ in each case. Optional guardrails are available separately. The frame is made of sturdy steel and plastic and you can use it with a standard crib mattress which is also sold separately.
15 months+ Pixar Cars Beds
Uses a standard crib mattress (sold separately) Sturdy steel frame and high quality plastic construction
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