Homeries Storage Containers 10 Pieces Set Durable Stackable BPA Free with Airtight Lids – Keeps Food Dry & Fresh for Home Kitchen & Restaurant

Unclutter your kitchen and keep your dry food stored with the Homeries food storage container two-piece set. These 10 storage containers with lids provide the prefect way to store chips, nuts, pasta, cereal, candy, cookies and so much more. To provide long-term durability and ensure a safe eating experience, This set is made using BPA-free plastic. Each container comes with its own lid, furnishing a watertight, airtight seal to preserve freshness with the simple press of a button. While many food storage container sets contain too many small containers that you can T utilize, the Homeries boasts the perfect combination of small, medium and big sizes in square and rectangular shapes. Each set includes a 500-, 1200-, 1900- and 3100-ml container, as well as two 800-, 1000- and 1700-ml containers. Sleek and stylish, the Clear plastic containers will seamlessly fit into any decor. They re designed for modular stacking, allowing you to efficiently organize your kitchen or pantry by taking up minimal counter or shelf space. And when they re not being used, the different sizes make it easy to nest the containers together and store away for future use. Designed to keep dry foods fresh and kitchens organized, This two-piece set will meet your various storage needs. Rounded corners allow for easy pouring, while the Clear construction allows you see to easily locate items with a quick glance. Your kitchen has never been so neat, organized and efficient.
Product Features High-quality construction. This two-piece set of Homeries food storage containers is expertly crafted using high-quality plastic construction to provide long-term strength and use for years to come. Besides its durability, This plastic material is BPA-free to ensure a safe eating experience time and time again. One-piece set. To meet your various storage needs, This set includes 10 storage containers boasting the perfect combination of small, medium and large sizes. Each one is either square or rectangular in shape to maximize space efficiency. Space-saving design. The stackable design allows you to save valuable space in your kitchen cabinet or on top of your counter. Additionally, the different sizes make it easy to nest the containers together and store away when not being used. Airtight locking lids. Each container comes complete with its own plastic lid, featuring an airtight locking system to furnish a watertight, Airtight seal. Keeping food dry and completely sealed, it’s the perfect solution for preserving freshness of a variety of dry foods. Easy to clean. While the silicone gasket is dishwasher safe, All other components should be hand-washed. Simply remove the silicone attached along each lid, then wash with soap and rinse with water. Wrap the silicone around the lid and seal back up for future use.

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