Facing Reality; Humanity has Passed the Point of No Return

By Willem Felderof

There are numerous aspects in the art of aviation that express the beauty of the job as an airline pilot. One of those is the ever-present challenge to commence the never achievable “perfect” flight under the most difficult technical and operational flight conditions.
My deep and unconditional love for aviation is very much in line for my deep and unconditional love for life itself. The mystical aspects in aviation are reflecting life and the human experience in such a profound way. Highly effective failure management and crew resource management (CRM) techniques applied in aviation, which enhance flight crew performance, are also very applicable to life itself. Especially during the challenging and deteriorating conditions humanity is facing in the current timeframe.
In aviation exists the so-called V1-speed concept. V1 speed is the takeoff decision speed. It is the speed above which the take off has to continue even if an engine fails, explodes, or ANY other problem occurs. Aborting a takeoff after V1 speed will result in a runway overshoot since the aircraft will not be able to stop before the end of the runway. So we have to let go of our instincts, get off the brakes and apply full thrust on the remaining engine(s) and choose the unknown, which in this case is the wisest and safest thing to do.

A similar concept is applicable during flight when crossing an ocean. The Point of No Return (PNR) represents the last point on a route at which it is possible to safely return to the departure airfield with the required fuel reserves still available in the tanks. Continuing past the PNR, the aircraft has to continue and either land at the aircraft’s intended destination, or divert and land at another airfield close to the intended destination should an emergency arise. Going back is not an option and it is a guarantee for ditching operations into an ocean.
When past the Point of No Return it can happen that very unpleasant and unexpected surprises arise such as technical failures or unforeseen severe weather conditions. It can happen that an unforeseen massive wall of thunderstorms is rising on the horizon on our route when past the PNR. Because going back is not an option and neither is flying over or around it, we have to go THROUGH it.

Although not pleasant in any way, these are the challenges that define true airmanship; the professional ethos of being a pilot.

The safety margins reduce significantly with altitude during turbulence and when flying through a line of thunderstorms. The primary focus of attention is narrowed down to the two most crucial variables: speed and airplane attitude.
These aviation concepts are again perfect metaphors for the condition in which humanity finds itself at this moment. The Corona scam resembles in a certain way the point of no return although other major events like 9/11 served as intermediate PNRs. We are heading for the perfect storm and there is no way back. We have to deal with it, grow up and face reality. We cannot go around it or avoid it in any way. We have to buckle up, prepare the best we can, realize that we are all in this together, dive into the unknown and go THROUGH it. And like in aviation, the safety margins will reduce and we have to adjust our speed (our actions and words) and attitude (the way by which we manifest).
This perfect storm we try to avoid in the external actually reflects the growing storm within ourselves (our fears) in accordance with the Natural Law of Correspondence. As above, so below.

When flying through a thunderstorm close to its core cell you have to let go of reactionary instincts and switch into a more monitoring modus and trust the airplane for which it is made to do in the first place: to fly. Same here. We have to let go of our delusionary sense of safety and trust our unique and all-encompassing Being to guide us through the current emanations of cosmic insanity and let it do that which it was made for in the first place: to live.

Don’t forget it is just a ride! 
We have to face reality by proper diagnosis. The suffering is caused by our own (engineered) fears. Spoiler alert: The overall human condition is pretty bad and will become worse. But it all depends from which perspective we perceive reality. The opportunities for real liberation from the prison of the ego and seemingly hopeless conditions in these challenging times are enormous and all over the place. The rising chaos and challenging conditions in this mutant matrix of duality force us to let go of all the attachments, illusions and fantasies of the ego and connect us with who we really are. Why not go all the way and bring down the whole monstrous matrix of control including the ME???
Conflict of interests The interests of the ME, however, the false self, our dualistic five-sensical illusionary ego construct, are in direct opposition with the interests of that what we really are, the non-dualistic, vast and eternal nature of infinite Consciousness. From the perspective of the first, things are bad and need to be corrected and adjusted. From the perspective of the second, things just are and are changing by itself as a result of changing core characteristics.

The true nature of consciousness is an endless changing one without any effort to steer it in a preferred direction. This is contrary to the nature of the ego. You just have to let go. And by letting go you connect with source. Go for it! What is there to lose??
Being distracted and bombarded by reality-disconnected politicians, experts, mad scientists and their fake stream media propaganda machine with absurd and irrational fear porn assaults, humanity is suffering from a giant elephant-sized multidimensional virus which is the real cause for its suffering.
Co-dependence is the real pandemic Codependence is a disease of lost selfhood. It is a multidimensional (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) condition manifested by any suffering that is associated with or due to the obsessive focusing on anything that appears to be outside the realm of the self. This dysfunctional condition is the product of the ego. It is the ego or false self that structures our reality into a fundamental illusion of separateness. That is its function. Because of our calcified and inflated egos we live in a basic state of paradox, simultaneously being both non-dual infinite consciousness but mostly an individual separated “self” in a unique body. And that world, the reality of the false self, is collapsing and falling apart on all levels, taking everything the ego likes or dislikes with it.
These are the perfect conditions to heal from the disease of lost selfhood and reconnect with who we really are!

Co-dependence may be mild, it may be severe, it can be brutal, often fatal and … the ego loves it! It can mimic, be associated with and aggravate many physical, psychological and spiritual conditions. The suffering that comes with it is the result of obsessive focusing outward to the extent that one’s inner world, that which we really are, is being neglected which leads to a dysfunctional relation with one’s self and therefore with the outer world. Despite the fact that the pain hurts, people indulge in it because it validates the illusions of the ego and gives it strength. It is the perfect way to avoid taking responsibility for one’s true Self. Obsessed with exposing anything in the external world, we actually need to expose our own false self for what it is and reconnect with who we really are.
For the false self it is easier to blame anything or anyone in the external (THEY) as the source for our suffering than to own up to our own energy and take responsibility for ourselves and our own happiness. It is impossible to open the heart in that condition and experience relentless Truth.
“The open heart is godly for God gives love continually and unconditionally from an infinite supply. The open heart will never exhaust itself” – Martin Ball, Being Human.
Codependence, the neurosis of our time Whether we call it True or real Self, inner child or non-dual Consciousness, this is who we really are. And this, our true identity is lost in co-dependence. Our non-dual state of being or true self got overwhelmed by the pain of living in an extremely mistreating, abusive and dysfunctional matrix of duality.

When growing up in a dysfunctional environment you will be labeled a problem when you don’t fit in the dysfunctional system. For self-protection your true self went into hiding and your false self or calcified ego hijacked the flagship of your existence as a survival mechanism. This “absence”, which is actually only a form of hiding, of your true, non dual, eternal and complete Being brought about a feeling of emptiness which the ego, driven by its desperation for fractured perfection tried to fill in with confirmation from any emanation of the mutant matrix. It is no coincidence that this co-dependent condition is the desired condition for being a perfect slave of the Matrix of deceit and illusion, no matter how you look at it.
The perfect storm we are facing as a collective is not only perfect because of its brutality; it is Nature at work on the root level. Nature is perfect and never ever forget that. And we are part of Nature. Good luck to those who want to control Nature. Go ahead and try. Control is born out of dying, rotting fear. Freedom is born out of infinite everlasting LOVE which is the most powerful force in the Universe.

As a former airline pilot I would have preferred to say: it is going to be a smooth flight. Just sit back and enjoy our in-flight services.  Sorry to say, this is not going to be a smooth ride. We are heading for some serious challenges. We are heading for the perfect storm. Buckle up. It is going to be messy, difficult, and unknown. But never forget: we are all in the same plane. Two things are sure. The Pina Colada you will get once we arrive at the destination will taste like heaven and the debriefing will be interesting.

YOU are amazing and sooooo much more than this dying pathetic crap. The time is now, now and NOW. We are exactly on course, all we have to do is let go :=).
With Love, Willem
Source: Truth Comes to Light
Willem Felderhof is a former commercial airline pilot, and whistleblower on the presence of toxic elements in aviation generally known as “the Aerotoxic syndrome”.  For more info click HERE. Willem is also the organizer of the Open Mind Conferences in the Netherlands. The core elements of Willem’s website, Dutch Anarchy, are Mind Control, Judaism, Natural Law, Consciousness.

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