Every Flavor of Tastykake You Can Buy

Tasty Kake
Some foods are so timeless that they bring us joy no matter our age or adult taste preferences. Tastykakes are one of these foods, forever tempting us with their soft, fluffy sponge cake and addictingly delicious flavors. There's a Tasty Kake snack cake for everyone, from cream filled cupkakes to frosted mini donuts. These sweet treats are created by The Tasty Baking Company at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, and they're one of the pride and joys of the East Coast. These Philly treats are as snackable and yummy as Hostess cakes! To get your own dark chocolate cake or butterscotch icing-topped krimpet, head over to www.tastykake.com. Here's every Tastykake flavor to bring you right back to the lunchbox days!
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