CUSTOMIZABLE Felt make up bag, bag insert organizer, utensil bag - Color option avaible by SenamonBagOrganizer

46.99 USD

● Felt bag insert organizer make up bag utensil bag :
Are you busy and change all the thinks you have in your bag is leeway for you ? So is this bag insert organizer a perfect time saver for you. At same time your bag will always tidily.
You can use it als make up bag for your wallet, keys,diary, credit card, ticket or cell phone ....
● Custom order for this organizer cost + 25 USD .I do not take extra charges for my other organizers for that I take shipping costs.

● Measurements : Please add the measurments that you would have in to the box :" Note for seller" as Length x Height x Width

Shipping time :
USA : 2-5 weeks
Australia : 2-5 weeks
New Zeland :2-5 weeks
Europe : 1-5 weeks