We can all admit that a little bathroom humor here and there can be funny. How many times have you walked into a public restroom and saw a stall tagged with a funny bathroom quote or phrase that made you giggle?

If you have a cheeky sense of humor and want to preserve the humor of a public restroom within the confines of your own home, you've come to the right spot--next to your bathroom, that is. Your toilet is sure to be the best seat in the house with these eight funny bathroom signs from Amazon.
Hilarious Bathroom Signs 1. Etch & Ember Funny Bathroom Signs - Would Poop Here Again - Farmhouse Style Decor - Rustic Wood Sign - 5.5" x 7.5" x 3/4 Amazon
What do a toilet and home decor shopping have in common? Well, they can both get a little crappy. This farmhouse sign adds a funny touch to any bathroom. Your guests will barely be able to hold it in. Their laughter, that is.
2. Etch & Ember Funny Bathroom Signs - Nice Butt - Farmhouse Style Decor - Rustic Wood Sign - 5.5" x 7.5" x 3/4" Amazon
Looking for a funny bathroom decor sign that will make your cheeks blush? Then this is the perfect sign for you. You could technically tell someone "nice butt" in any room, but putting this sign up in the living room might make things a little weird.
3. Elegant Signs Toilet Rules Sign Funny Bathroom Decor - Please Seat Yourself and Have a Nice Poop Amazon
Bathroom rules and etiquette are important to remember no matter whose toilet it is. This sign reminds guests of basic toilet rules such as spraying if it smells and to flush after use.
4. Bathroom Wall Decor - Bathroom Wall Art - Bathroom Prints - Funny Bathroom Signs - Bathroom Art - Funny Bathroom Prints - 8" x 10" UNFRAMED Amazon
Cut the crap and get straight to the point with this funny toilet paper sign. This black and white wall sign is perfect for a kid's bathroom for a friendly little reminder on which way the toilet tissue is supposed to roll.
5. Occupied Sign for Bathroom Door, 2 Pack (Printed on Both Sides), 9.3″x3.5″ PVC Plastic, Funny Bathroom Sign for Door, Popping Signs, Funny Do Not Disturb Sign, Bathroom Occupied Signs for Door Amazon
Whether you share a bathroom or simply do not want to be disturbed, this unisex bathroom sign will give you and your poop the privacy you both deserve.
6. VICKERT Hello Sweet Cheeks Bathroom Decor Box, 2 Sides - Funny Gift, Funny Toilet Paper Holder Perfect for Farmhouse Bathroom Decor, Toilet Paper Storage, Rustic Bathroom Decor, or Diaper Organizer Amazon
If you're tired of the same old boring housewarming gifts or just want to add a funny touch to a guest bathroom, this farmhouse bathroom decor balances both style and humor. The two-sided lettering can be reversed so your guests will always enjoy a nice compliment, even after a #2.
7. YOULEY Get Naked Bathroom Humor Sign, Wooden Signs for Rustic Farmhouse Wall Art Decor Half Bath Signs Bathroom Shelf Decor with Funny Quotes 7x7 Inches Amazon
This funny toilet sign is a funny reminder that guests don't need to get naked in just a half bathroom unless that's their thing.
8. Everybody Wants To Change The World Toilet Paper for Bathroom Decor, Wall Art, Toilet Sign Printable, Home Decor, Bathroom Sign, Bathroom Wall Décor, Funny Bathroom Print, Unframed - 8x10Inch Amazon
You don't know what you got until it's gone, and an empty toilet tissue roll is one of them. Be the change you wish to see in the world with this sign. Replace the dang tissue.
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