This at one time was a single car garage, 12 feet wide by 27 feet long,
with washer and dryer along the side in a sort of alcove.

Since it was seldom used as a "garage", I converted it, to fit my wants!
The renovations included, not in order!

    1. Remove outside walls sheet rock, insulate and replace w/new Sheetrock.
    2. Remove garage door, replace w/2 windows and a exterior door.
    3. Remove the house A/C unit, replace with larger unit, due to increased square footage.
    4. Add more A/C ducts for heating/cooling of the new area.
    5. Add more electrical outlets and lighting circuits.
    6. Add one dedicated circuit for computer.

    7. Installed ceiling fan, with remote control.
    8. Paint walls, ceiling, and all trim.
    9. Installed wall to wall carpet.                                
    10. Designed and built my own custom computer desk.


"Designed and built my own custom computer desk."

The desk its self is one full sheet of 3/4 inch Birch plywood, cut in a somewhat modified "Vee".
The plywood was sealed with 7 coats of clear polyurethane, sanded between each coat.
Cut marks were then made or marked on the back side and cut out.
The top part of the desk assembled, edging was placed on all the exposed edges of the plywood.
 Supported by 2, 2 drawer filing cabinets on either end.
With a old junk computer desk to support the middle, I found on the side of a road.    

Okay, I  do share "my" area with Shirley at times. When she exercises, trying to walk again.



Next Wall

The alcove that held the washer and dryer, now holds also, a frig, which keeps my beer cold.
Installed a shelf overhead, the full length with sliding doors for storage.


Works for me!

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