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My Genealogy sites

My Family trees
Shirley Ryan Duvall
Duvall family Cemetery, Frankfort, Kentucky

Genealogy Brickwalls

Charles Duvall
Born abt 1770 in unknown - Died 1839, KY

William Lee Sr.
Born 1742, in Bedford VA - Died abt 1803 Bedford VA
Other surnames
Pfeiffer, Carns, Henderson, Frye


Random websites

My parents, my birth place

My young days

Louisville, Kentucky (East end) The 50's
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Louisville, Kentucky (East end) The 50's
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Louisville, Kentucky (East end) The 50's
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Louisville, Kentucky (East end) The 50's
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Louisville, Kentucky (East end) The 60's
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The beginning of the end of those days.
Louisville, Kentucky (Heaven)

 My family, my kids


Hereditary Society sites
Sites are arranged by date the society was founded

DAC = Daughters of the American Colonists
- Founded 1921

Alaska State DAC


My Military days

USA Baumholder, Germany: 1957 - 1959

KeeslerAFB, Biloxi Mississippi: 1960 -1961

Hunter AFB, Savannah, Georgia: 1961 - 1964

Nakhon Phanom AFB, Thailand: 1964 - 1965

KeeslerAFB, Biloxi Mississippi: 1965 - 1974

King Salmon AFB, Alaska: 1974 - 1975

KeeslerAFB, Biloxi Mississippi: 1975 - 1978

Tyndall AFB, Panama City Florida 1978 - 1980


My civilian days

Cape Lisburne AFB, Alaska  1978 - 1980

Tyndall AFB, Panama City, Florida 1981 - 1997


Web sites I have designed,
now listed at the owners screen name

Connie Kuzman's family
Darlene Temple

Thomas Clinton Burk, Genealogy


Where do I spend my time?

Panama City, Florida
The tree

My computer room


A Genealogy Chat room someplace




The cat, my wife left me



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