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Born Nov 27 1936, in Suthern Illinois.
Moved to Mt. Vernon, Indiana in 1964

My Hunts:
? Pemberton, ? Harper, ? Elder, ? Morgan, ? Russell


 Born Oct 10 1945, in New Mexico.  
 Raised in Indiana.  I now live in Tuson, Arizona

My Hunts:
None listed


Born December 28 1948, in Louisville, Kentucky.  Grew up in Clarksville, Indiana.  Now live in Louisville, Ky.

My Hunts:
? Burk, ? Shadburn/e, ? Phillips, Weatherington/Worthington, ? Price, ? Cox, ? Ward

My genealogy site :  Anderson S. Burk(e) b 1821


Born March 30 19?? Missouri.                                                                                                                                                                                      


Born 3 Sept 1923 in Newton, Iowa.  We moved to Waterloo, IA in 1925.  Graduated West Waterloo H/S in 1942.  Worked Waterloo Courier News, as a Business Ad Collector and relief switchboard operator, quit in 1943. Worked at Latta's School & Office Supply & Book Store in Cedar Falls, head of the Order Department, quit May 1946.
Married July 1946.  When my first son was 6 months old in 1948, I went to work at Iowa Public Service (Gas and Light Co) as a bookkeeper and relief switchboard operator.  I quit when my 2nd son was born.  
We moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1958.   5 children, 11 g-kids, 17 g-g kids. My husband died in 1994.  Loved to roller skate and dance when young.

My  Hunts:
? Porter, ? Wonders, ? Wood, ? Havens, ? Stewart, ? Temple, ? Towers
My family web site:  My husband, kids, as we aged


Born 21 April 1935 in Wilkinsburg PA.  Graduated High School, 1954 in Upstate NY.
Lived in sunny, beautiful Bartow, Florida since 1984.

My Hunts:
? Moffit, ? Boyle, ? May, ? Cartwright, ? Roderick, ? Miller



Born Jan 11 1936, Frankfort, Kentucky, raised in Louisville, Kentucky.                           
 Retired military (2 yrs Army + 18 Yrs AF) and also retired Department of Defense (DOD) 18 yrs.   I now live in Parker, Florida.

My main genealogy "hunts":
Charles Duvall, b. abt. 1770 - d. abt. 1839 in Kentucky.  m. Ary Ukn
Jacob Frey/Frye b. 1580 d. 1635 in Kentucky.  m. Anna Maria Schmidt
Andrew Henderson b. 1757 d. 1834 in Kentucky.  m. Jane Criswell
Joes Pfeiffer b. 1775 - d. 1806 in Kentucky.  m. Helena Kraus
James Lee b. abt 1713 - d. abt 1791 in Kentucky.  m. Mary Clarke Garnett

Index to all my web sites


Born 11 April 18?? in Queensland, Australia. Moved to Australian Capital Territory with my sister after High School. Grew up on a mixed farm, had dairy cows, sugar cane and mixed crops. I worked in a bank and was in the Public Service. Married, had 3 girls. Divorced and 4 years later married toy-boy who was also divorced, had 2 sons....My time is now divided between child minding 2 g/sons abt 40 hours a week and genie hunting. Toy-boy receives some attention now n then.

My hunts:
? Baskerville, abt 1809 Wales,  Howard George, abt 1808, Beckingham (UK)
Lloyd Edward, abt 1805 Shropshire (UK). Southall Harriot, abt 1807 Worcestershire (UK)  
Webb John, abt 1810 Wales


Born 4 March 1943, raised in Michigan and still live here.

My Hunts:
? Smith, ? Dix, ? Fowler, ? Bunker, ? Townsend, ? Webb, ? Wallace



Born 23 Sept 1943, in Gibson County, Indiana.  Now live in Louisana
Married my first love   He was 19, I was 17.  We have been married 48 years.  
Two daughters and six grandchildren.
I am a housewife, I like to sew, crochet and make my house a home.

My Hunts:
? Angle, ? Lynch, ? Sloan, ? Salzman, ? Mitchell, ? Phillips



Born 16 August 1988, daughter of a retired Baltimore Co., PA., Cop and a Teacher.  I have a older Brother who is married, w/children, and a younger Sister.  I was very close to my Grandfather.
I graduated grade school/middle school from St. Ursula's Catholic school and graduated high school from Seaton Home schooling.
Currently working in an Italian restaurant as a dish washer and I help them out by doing some prep cook work. I love US History, cooking, baseball, working in my vegetable garden & bowling, my high game is 198.  I got interested into Genealogy from my Dad.

My Hunts:
? Lindner, ? Stegmaier, ? Stegmayer, ? Heck, ? Kiblin, ? Van Buskirk, ? Bramble


Born 3 April, 1938, I live in Texas

Consider sending a short bio of your self.  Use any of the existing ones already in place to get an idea, as to what to include.
Some suggestions, place of birth, your high school, college if any,
military service, if any, hobbies.

My Hunt:s
? Caldwell, ? Ellington, ? Dickerson/Dickinson, ? Fowkles, ? Jennings, ? Pulliam, ? Lallance



Born 21 Dec 1946  and raised in Michigan, still live in Michigan.  
Married and have two daughters and two granddaughters.

My hobbies are genealogy, scrapbooking, reading, travel, camping, NASCAR and stained glass.
My interest in genealogy began about 20 years ago and I am very lucky to still have both of my parents. They have been an essential part of my  genealogy research.

My Hunts:
R. Darling, Ireland, 1759  
T. Dasho. Germany, 1835
 I. Howey Canada, 1809
L. Muntz Germany, 1835
 S. Tesho Hungary, 1897


Born:  Charles Taintor, b Brooklyn, NY.                                                                                             Photographer

My hunts:


Born Nov 20 1974, in Tuscaloosa, AL.  Have lived all my life in Fosters, Tuscaloosa County AL.  
Graduated from Tuscaloosa County H/S 1993.  I have worked as a sitter for eldery people since then.
I began my genealogy hobby offically at about the age of 17, I was lucky and grew up knowing most of my history, cause of being taken to cemeteries, churches, my folks and grandfolks knew and grew up near.
My hobbies include, genealogy, photography, arts & crafts, helping at my church, where I am a leader for the AWANA program.  
I also collect cats, snowmen, startrek & NASCAR items, have cats of the live version as well, and until recently I had dogs too, maybe again one day.  My new dog is named, "Jack".

My Hunts:
? Avery, ? Bailey, ? Champion, ? Elam, ? Flowers, ? Hudson, ? Hyche


Born Unknown 1964. in Newton Mississippi.  Graduated from Clinton H/S, Clinton Mississippi 1982.                
East Mississippi Community College A.A.S. Funeral Service 1985.
University of Southern Mississippi B.S. Criminal Justice 1988.
Mississippi College M.S.S. Criminal Justice History and Political Science 2002.
Married Deborah Ann Alderman November 1992 Jackson Mississippi.
2 Children:  Nathan Allan DePriest and Brandi Marie DePriest who died November 1995.

My Hunts:
? DePriest, ? Bowers, ? Callaway, ? Calloway, ? Lester, ? Whatley, ? Gibson


Born 11 April, 19??, in New York.                                                                                                                           


Born 1947, in Louisana., and still live here.                                                                                                                 
Drafted into the Army 1966 took basic at Fort Polk, Louisiana.
Served in Vietnam in the 458 TH-PBR (Patrol Boat River).
Have been Married 42 yrs to my lovely wife, Mary.  
We have 3 children and 5 grand sons and one great grandson due soon.
Worked in Marine Fabrication.

My Hunts:
? Hebert, ? Thibodaux, ? Rodrigue, ? Ordoyne, ? Savoie, ? Tabor, ? Sanchez


Born April 22, 1958... in a little town called Mulberry, Arkansas.
I recently got married, I have three wonderful kids and 2 beautiful granddaughters, that keep me going.  
I have two cats named Jasmine( Persian) and Sasha (Himalayan) which are spoiled rotten.
I enjoy staying busy volunteering for local genealogy groups. Findagrave.com for almost 1 1/2 year now. Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness for 2 years.  Crawford County Genealogy 6 months now.
My hobbies are genealogy, of course, cooking, making floral cemetery sprays and wedding decor.
I finally have my dream job of working in my library in the genealogy dept. Life is good!
 I have my own yahoo genealogy group, see link below.

My Hunts:
? Buchalla, ? Poston, ? Honea, ? Davis, ? Whitlock
, ? Mason, ? Copeland

My web site: Sebastian and Crawford Co Ar Genealogy


Born 20 March, 1953 in Cogswell, North Dakota.  I now live in Fargo, North Dakota

Consider sending a short bio of your self.  
Use any of the existing ones already in place to get an
idea, as to what to include.
Some suggestions, place of birth, your high school, college if any, military service, if any, hobbies.

My Hunts:
No names



Born 10 August 1960, in Nairobi, Kenya.  I now live in Essex, England                                                                

Main hunts:

Paternal Lines.  Lea/Lee, Egerton. Wilkes, Tanswell/Tazewell, Bebbington

Maternal:  Peacock, Cooper, Taylor, Wheeler, Routledge, Hodgkinson                                                           


Born 9 November 1800 in Colorado.


Born July 7, 1949.  Live in Pennsylvania.
Got my bachelor's degree in 1972 from Millersville State College, now known as Millersville Univ., here in PA. Got my master's degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1980, the degree is in Library Science.  

I have worked as a sales rep, a teacher, and a librarian.
Retired in 2006 after being a college English instructor.

My Hunts:
? Gannes, ? Vlahos, ? Francos, ? Sokos, ? Larides
, ? Tzelaides


Born 7 Feburary, 1800  , and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, still live in Kentucky, in Harrodsburg.  Married high school sweetheart.

My hobbies: Reading, travel, genealogy, history.



My Hunts:
? Wallace, ? Gilbert, ? Mccarty, ? Carmichael, ? Sacra - Sasser, ? Stanley, ? Glass


Born June 15, 1955 in Oconto, Wi. Presently live in Green Bay, Wisconsin.                                                      
I am a foster parent/Adult Family home provider.
My husband is a mail trucker for the USPS. 3 children and 1 grandchild.


My web sites
I remember when                                NOJO" poem's

My Hunts
Ignatz Konkel 1902 Mil, WI, ? Dettlaff, ? Budzisz, ? Kohnke, ? Bialk


Born June 25, 1964, in Oregon, lived in various places in Oregon.
Moved to Orcas Island in the Washington State, Puget Sound 1990 - 2000
Moved to Mass in 2000 where I currently reside. I have 2 children and one grandaughter.

I am a shop foreman in a welding and pre-fab shop in the natural gas industry.

I enjoy Genealogy, camping, fishing, boating, pretty much any thing outdoors.

My Hunts:
? Eliasen, ? Eliason, ? Kroack, ? Sythoff, Hale, Charles Alton, ? Bruntz



Born 27 Apr 1936 and raised in Ontario, Canada.  Moved to USA in 1958.
Was an Oceanographer in Nova Scotia before marriage.
Retired from Sears Roebuck Headquarters, Chicago
Retired from Bank of Hawaii, Hawaii.  Retired from Bank of America, Hawaii
Very actively persuing my genealogy!

I now live in Georgia.

My hunts:
Wheeler--UK, Klein--Luxembourg, Inwood--UK, Lucas--Luxembourg, UK, Hentschel---Germany


Born Jan 29, 1942 and raised in Cushing, Oklahoma.
Married 50 years.  Two sons, two grandchildren, three g-grandchildren.

Retired Special Education teacher.
Hobby: Genealogy.

My Hunts:
? Haley, ? Carroll, ? Newton, ? Owens, ? Eubanks,
? Start


Born on October 4th 1940 in Louisville, KY, where I have lived most of my life. I now live in Clarksville, Indiana.

My hunts are :
Powell, Henry Clay Cameron. The Morrows of Knoxville, TN.( i know some about thanks to my grandmother Powell's journal I have now) Miller of Knozville, TN. Phillip LaCrosse who came to  Louisville approx 1870 from Montreal Canada. Thompson of ky., Emmons of Ky and Maryland,    Baker of Louisville and va. Lucus, Aten from New York. Skillman from New York. Petit from MA. Arnolds from Louisville and VA, Risingers orginally from Germany,Mellows from England to New Hamshire, Buckeley from England to Mass.Bennetts from Maryland and ended up in Spencer Co.KY.  Warnarts from the Netherlands to Long Island, New York . The Reuben Dale family. Brooks ,Morrison .Cox family and the Hutchings family.Potts and Zillhard of York, PA. and Ulrich and Arnoldt of York, PA. Schimpe of York, PA. Mayer of Germany .


Born October 11, 1953 in Akron, Ohio.
I now make my home in Canton, Ohio. I was raised by my Paternal Grandparents.
I worked as a Pre-school teacher, and a Housekeeping Supervisor for 25 years.
I am very lucky I have found the love of my life.
I have worked for years serving in many offices in church.
I love to work on my Genealogy.
I also have an interest in gems and minerals. And sell Fiesta ware on ebay.

My Hunts:
? Poole, ? Rodebaugh, ? Esterack, ? Crow, ? Le Roy, ? Andersen, Amanda Baylis

WB - Bill

Born 13 Dec 1930 in Perry Co., Ky.  Moved to Lee Co., KY., when I was one year old.
Graduated from Lee Co., HS in 1948.  Worked for the  newspaper for a couple of years until Uncle Sam sent me a greeting.  I now live in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Married Katherine Jenkins in 1956, whom I met when we was both working in the Pentagon.  
Being in the Air Force we traveled a lot of the world. Morroco, Germany and many sites in the states. She died in Jan 2008 just a little over a month short of our 52 anniversary.

We had two children.  A girl and a boy.  I have 5 Grand children and 3 Great Grand children.
I love to hunt and fish and have been doing genealogy for over 40 years.  I have tramped thru many cemeteries, visited many courthouse and funeral homes and state record offices, most before computers played a part in research.

My Hunts:
? Brandenburg, ? Bowman, ? Hall, ? Isaacs, ? Ritchie

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