Toesy was born someplace near Norwich, New York?
My sister, found her on her doorstep one morning,
and brought her here to give to my wife, who was handicapped.
Toesy, could not walk very well, her eyes were just opening.
I had to feed her with a baby bottle, holding her upside down in the palm of my hand.
As soon as Toesy was old enough, we had her declawed, and spaded.
Later as Toesy aged, back to the Vet again, she was born with 7 toes on each paw.
As she aged, her toes grew and turned inward towards her legs, making it hard for her to walk.
The Vet removed those two extra toes on each paw, and kept her overnight in case of emergency. 
Once again, as she aged, back to the Vet, Toesy was not eating right, I thought.
The Vet looked her over, and said, "she has some bad teeth"?
Once again, she stayed overnight, just in case.  The Vet pulled 10 of her 30 teeth.
Total cost $65.00
Sad that I failed to take any photos as she was growing up.
But then, Shirley aged too, her hair became grey.

Bed time, sleep well

The early morning, still together!

The two together, most of the day

Had to get a new bed,
so Toesy could wait while I got Shirley ready for bed

Waiting. while I get
Shirley dressed

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Ahhhhh, the easy life
Just lay around, eat when hungry.

So, I like to lay on my back!

What is a Plotter??

what do they know about ironing?

Even more
too come.

My youngest son, Scott, brought his dog over, her name is "Matty".
Understand, Toesy has never been around dogs.
When Matty came in, Toesy hid, Matty sniffed her out, and chased her.
After a bit, here comes the dog,,,running, Toesy chasing her, then the dog is chasing the cat, etc.
Now they are resting?

>~  Matty ~<
Matty is now romping around in 'Doggie Heaven'.
She was ran over and killed Oct 2012 by a automobile.
She will surley be missed by those who knew and loved her.

Farewell Matty  - Until we meet again