"Sentimental journey"
Viewing this site is as close to going home as I can, all have passed away.
My = "Sentimental journey"

Dedicated to my parents: Edward Morton Duvall Jr. and Della Lee Henderson

If I, as a about to be born child, could search the earth to select my about to be parents,
I would have chosen them!
They taught me compassion, trust, guided me, and most of all, gave me love!
I will miss them until the day I go to meet them, again!

Edward M. Duvall,Jr.
b 22 Apr 1910, d 28 Jan 1985

Taken 1913, 3 years old

My parents greatest loss!
So young!

Betty Jane Duvall
b May 1942, d Dec 1943
Cause of death
Double pneumonia


All are buried
Switzer, Ky

Della Lee Henderson
b 02 Jun 1916, d 01 Jul 1984

Taken abt 1924, 8 years old

Part of a poem, written, by Mable Duvall:

Now the last of the litter, a red headed boy, Ed Duvall, Jr. Pa's pride and joy.
He didn't like schools and he didn't like teachers, He didn't like church and he didn't like preachers
But although these traits are very alarming, He turned out O.K. and rates the word CHARMING.

To view the entire poem, click here

Parents of above Edward M. Duvall jr.

Edward Morton Duvall, Sr.
About 21 years old
Taken about 1874

Edward Morton Duvall, Sr.
b 11 March 1853
d 02 Jan 1935

Mary Catherine Pfeiffer
b 20 July 1862
d 02 April 1911

The Pfeiffer family:  Taken July 1899
Left to right, top to bottom:
Carrie Pfeiffer/Glass, Vennie Pfeiffer/Marshall, Lula Pfeiffer/Lacefield, Bettie Pfeiffer/Tracy,
Mary Catherine Pfeiffer/Duvall, Dillie Pfeiffer/Smith,
Joe Pete Pfeiffer, Willie Pfeiffer, Dick Pfeiffer

Parents of above Edward Morton Duvall sr.

Francis Asbury Duvall
b Feb 1808, d Aug 1858

No photo has been located of him

Note: There used to be a
photography studio in
Frankfort, that had very old
pictures of  people of that era!

It was next to the old
Capital Building.

Perhaps one day??


Cecelia Lee
b 22 May, 1813 - d 21 August, 1897

Parents of above Francis Asbury Duvall

The elusive Charles Duvall and Airy Unknown should be here!
For more information on Charles Duvall and Airy unknown


Of all my memories of Frankfort, Ky., this is my fondest!
When I heard that ole bridge singing, we're close to our grandparents at Forks of Elkhorn!
Some history of this bridge?  
Built in 1893, about 407 feet long, carries on average 6,000 vehicles @ day.

~The Singing bridge~
Photo above courtesy of:
 Gene Burch
If you have any memories of Frankfort, Ky., visit his site and look around

Switzer bridge, Switzer, Kentucky  (Near Frankfort, Kentucky)

My Photo:  Switzer bridge, before the flood

For more info: http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Trails/1943/switzer.htm

Switzer bridge, after the flood of Mar 1997
Photo courtesy of:
Brenda Duvall, of Frankfort, Ky.

A few miles East of Frankfort, KY!
 Franklin County's only covered bridge spans North Elkhorn Creek and is 120 ft. long and 11 ' 6" wide, 12' high.
The bridge is a Howe truss design. It was built in 1855 by George Hockensmith.
Each entrance has a sawtooth edge, the lattice is pinned with trunnels (treenails). Restored in 1906 by Louis Bower.
Closed to traffic in 1954. This bridge is/was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, 1974.

It was almost destroyed in Mar 1997, by the heavy rains and flooding.
Again restored to its present state by local concerned citizens, with the help of some State funding.

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