I will always love you!  By: Whitney Houston

In her (Fabia H.) memory:  Dedicated to (her/our children!

To Fabia, for what we once had!  Fabia Harlene Johnson

New years Eve 1959 - 1960

Louisville Kentucky
The night I ask for her hand in marriage!

Our wedding day, June 1960
Louisville Kentucky

Pat Maloney (my cuz & best friend), me, Fabia, Phyllis Temple, Fabia's older sister!

Hmm!  Do I embarrass our kids?  With their baby pictures!
Hell yes, they are still my kids!!

Eddie, Jackie, Tony
Taken, Nov 30 1965, Biloxi Mississippi

Taken in Biloxi, Mississippi 19??

From L to R:  Tony, Eddie, Jackie, Jackie is holding Scott

We used to say here comes the "JETS"=(Jackie, Eddie, Tony, Scott)
Then along came Donnie, it  became here comes: "D' JETS"

kids Dec 1976.jpg
Taken Dec 1976
Tchoutachabouffa River, Biloxi, Mississippi

Lady, a tri-colored border collie, had a better genealogy history than many humans.
She was 1 inch to tall to be a show dog, AKC Registered.

Taken 1986, at 4527 Aster Street, Parker, Florida
Eddie, Jackie, Scott, Donnie, Tony

Taken Christmas 1993 Plantation Way, Callaway, Florida.
At their mothers (Fabia) house

kids 1993.jpg
Eddie, Donnie, Scott, Jackie, Tony

Taken May 1997 Panama City, Florida

Jacquelyn Marie (Jackie),  b 14 Nov 1960, James Edward (Eddie),  b 03 May 1962
Anthony Mark (Tony),  b 20 July 1963, Scott Randolph (Scott),  b 22 Oct 1967
Fabia Dianne (Donnie),  b 31 May 1975

Taken March 2013
The Villages, Leesburg, Florida

Thanksgiving 2013 - Scott's home, Youngstown Florida

Top row - Tony - Eddie
Bottom row - Scott - Jackie - Donnie

Scott's dog - ?

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