The HillTop Theater Horde
Louisville, Kentucky, 1950's
Updated June 2010


We are from the East End of Louisville, within walking distance to the Hill Top Movie.
 We grew up in this area, late 1940's, to late 1950's!
Our Name comes from the ole Hill Top Theater.

The Hill Top Theater  
Our Namesake

The Hill Top Theater
As painted by our childhood friend
Russell McCarthy 

Oh, what memories are here at this ole movie!
This is where most of us went on our first date?
Meet the girl there, go to movie, maybe walk her home.
Then go to the pool room~
Before we got "older" there was our bicycle days.  The guys at the fire department, were always working on one of our bikes.  Depending on our ages, they would help us across Frankfort Ave.  
A great bunch of guys, thank you. 


Jerry's Pool room  
1758 Frankfort Ave
Across street from the Hill Top
Jerry's dad, Ches Morrison, named it after Jerry.


Ches is at rest in Resthaven Cemetery
What a person he was, watched after us.



Young's Drug Store
Corner of Pope Street & Frankfort Ave.

Ronnie Birchler (Giggles), first job was here!


Barret Jr. High School, Louisville, Ky

Most of us went to Barrett Junior HS:

My years were
1949-1951 7th-9th grades
I was elected Class president - 8th grade

Louisville, Kentucky
Corner of
Grinstead Drive & Peterson Ave.
Crescent Hill Area of Louisville, Ky.


Taken Aug 2005

Walcott's barber shop
First owned by Charlie Walcott
He taught sons (Charles and Allen) to cut hair, or they went to barber school?
Been a family business since I can remember?
My dad took me there when I was 4 years old.
That would have been 1940.
Would guess the shop has been in same location since about 1935?

The Walcott have a policy of cutting locals hair if they are to ill to come to the shop!


"Big Rock"

Cherokee Park Louisville, Kentucky
Many memories, for us!

The "Rock" 10-12' tall
No other history, as to its being there!
The water: Beargrass Creek,
Finally empties into the Ohio River!


Ennie Pepper

"Ennie Pepper"
Louis Pepper
B 30 May 1913 - D Unknown!
He was raised on Melwood Ave.
Last information: He was living in a Nursing Home.
This site would not be complete unless Ennie was someplace on it!
Not much is known about him!
He was  a "fixture" that pushed a old truck bed on wheels all over the East End!


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