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West Virginia is my home!
Bluefield, that is!

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 Michael's Homepage
This is Bluefield, the Southern most part of West Virginia.
The clouds are rolling over East River Mountain from the Virginia side and falling
over into Bluefield. This sight was spotted by my aunt's brother, Harry Tyree, who
is a retired pilot for United Airlines.
He in turn, mentioned the unusual sight to Mel Grubb, an aerial photographer
in Bluefield.  Who captured the picture on film.

My Grandparents~~~My mothers side
Connie's Folks
Alva R. Stewart & Nora Lee Thompson

My Grandparents~~~My fathers side

George Edward Harrell & Nora Lou Wimmer    

My parents

 Frank Edward Harrell & Irene Stewart

My Parents

My handsome Dad

My Beautiful Mother


Like father, Like son, The Harrell's!!

Frank Edward

Edward Franklin

I am my mothers Daughter!

My Mom!
First Grade=1930

First Grade=


The few, the proud, The Marines!
My Brother, Eddie

To my parents, I love them each so much!

To my Dad:  I love you so much!  Dad!
To my Mom:  I love you so much!  Mom! 

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West Virginia State Parks and Forrests

My favorite places in WV
Claytor Lake State Park
Pipestem State Park
Pinnacle Rock State Park
Ace Adventure Center

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My deepest appreciation to my best friend, Eddy.  

Edward Duvall

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