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8th Infantry Division
20th Transportation Battalion, Company B
Baumholder, Germany


We came from many varied backgrounds, no matter!
Many did not know what a mechanic was, let alone a tank mechanic?  We were not what we are about to become!
Army says, well, whatever you were, you now a vehicle mechanic. End of story!
After our basic training, technical schools, we all ended up at Baumholder, Germany.


Within Company B, we were the unsung!
The folks who made the vehicles run, ready at any time!  
The Vehicle Mechanics!

Within that small group of mechanics, was a smaller group, nicknamed, the "Fox's Rangers"
Most of us also had our own nicknames, if memory serves, will name/show each?


Not all of us are pictured here, sad to say!

James Miller, Norberto Murretia,
Lee Mack Neithercutt, Earl Norgoraski


Norberto Murretia, "The Champ"

We were going someplace for the Army?
Unknown, The Fox, The Champ, Unknown

"The Fox", "Champ", "Mac"
In front of our barracks

While we worked hard, we also had free time, to see Germany, the Country! Awesome place!
To insure we seen as much as possible, we chipped in and bought a car!
The "Blue Goose", a 1947/8 Studeabaker, we tuned it up, overhauled the transmission.
When we left Germany, not a clue whatever happened to the "Blue Goose"?

Below our free time, the good times!

Baumholders Shopping center!
Bryon "Hoot" Hendricks, Eddy "Fox" Duvall

The Rumba Bar, in down Town Baumholder!
William "Rabbit" Vernell, Norberto "Champ" Murrieta,
Eddy "Fox" Duvall


1947 Studeabaker
The "Wheels" of the "Foxes' Rangers"

Hmm, how many folks does it take to change a flat tire?
Many, since we had no spare, no tools, had to fix where it is!

Those in pix are: (Top to bottom, left to right)
Forrest Peck, Champ, Shelby Snowden, Fox, Rabbit

Picture taken in Sien, Germany, in front of the "Blue Goose"

"Peck", "Champ", "Rabbit", "Fox". and Shelby Snowden
The guy on the extreme left is a German friend of ours.

M-59 personnel carrier, 2 GMC motors, held 12 troops
Floated in water if need to, the treads propelled it along

Eddy "Fox" Divall & Forrest "Peck" Peck

Our travels took us to Paris France
arch1.jpg arch2.jpg


Since we were in Germany, and may never be back, our goal was to visit places, no GI's frequented!
With the "Blue Goose" we traveled all over the great land of Germany, and in some cases to other Countries!
Our favorite place was a little village, named Sien?

We were able to locate one in Germany who lives in the area.  The town was small in those days!

Our thanks to Fred: ( (Fred Wehner [MV])
Here is what our new friend has to say:
The little town you are searching for is Sien!! (pronounced: Seen) It is in the county of Birkenfeld.

Sien, today (2001) has 599 inhabitants.
You'll find more information on a webpage (created like a template for every german town)
German, could not find English:
Here are the only intersting things, the weatherforecast, and a map (Karte/Stadtplan).
I could not find any pictures on the internet.

Warm regards, Fred!


Sad to say, we only have one picture to present here!
As soon as I can scan it, will post!
Our many visits to Sien (Seen), we were lucky enough to make many friends there!
We were friends with the Bergermiste (Mayor), the owner of the local Gest Hous, and most of those who frequented same!

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